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BMI says I'm overweight

by Mary

I have been losing inches through exercise but I am still at the same body weight - so BMI says that I am overweight even though my clothes fit much better and I feel much more energetic.

How can I find a way to record the BMI that takes into account the weight put on via muscle when one exercises?

I'm trying to ascertain the correct BMI for an athletically built woman versus an itty-bitty model.

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Body Mass Index (BMI)
by: Dr. Dan

BMI can be very helpful but it has its drawbacks.

It is a good way to get a general idea about what someone should weigh and how overweight they might be. But you're right -- with exercise you'll get more lean and healthy but you might stay at the same weight. And if you stay at the same weight your BMI won't change.

For fine tuning your results you could measure your body fat. The Accu-Measure fat caliper is inexpensive, you can use it at home and it actually works quite well.

But you say your clothes fit better and you feel more energetic. Those are probably better indicators of how well you are doing than anything else. Good job!

by: rmlf1

BMI is basically your body mass index, meaning the ratio of fat tissue, and lean muscle mass.

The more you increase muscle mass, the higher your BMR (basil metabolic rate) will be, OR the rate in which your body burns fat and metabolizes food.

You can increase your lean body mass by resistance training,(or weight training). Find a good weight training program that enables you to lift a weight anywhere from 6 to 12 times, and do 1-3 sets of those.

A person can appear thin, yet have a high fat to muscle ratio. By the same token, a person can look large, yet have a high muscle mass.

Therre are methods of calculation for BMI, including body fat calipers, where pinched skin is measured with a device, also there is underwater weighing, that is most accurate.

You can also buy a scale that measures body fat. If you are healthy and you are satisfied with the way your clothes fit, then you are probably doing OK....

by: Ashley Banks

It seems like you are doing well. As for BMI, there are, like said below, many drawbacks. BMI does not take into account muscle tone, body structure, etc. This makes it a very unreliable source when trying to figure out whether you are overweight or not.

Although this website is probably the same BMI calculator you've experienced in the past, I find it very informative. It also takes in the measure around your waist as another measure of obesity.

Also, if you have the time (and a tape measure), try this calculator out, as it is more specific and advanced than the regular BMI calculator, which may provide you more reliable results.

Good luck! As I said before, I think you are doing wonderful already. Don't get stressed over what a BMI tells you. Test yourself by how you feel, how your body looks to you, and how healthy your food is. If you still find yourself wondering, and the above BMI calculators don't work for you, try a quick visit to your doctor, who could probably tell you more information about you than any website on the internet.

Reduce Overweight
by: sam

It is a normal question and most of the mankind have this problem. I am maintaining my BMI and body structure by jogging daily in the morning for 15 mins and then doing some basic stretch outs for 30 mins.
Eating protein rich content food will give more stamina and energy. Some of the food like fish, chicken, mutton and all green items are rich in protein content.
No need to be on a diet if you go for a jog.
I used a Whey protein product. I ate it after doing exercise. It gave me a marvellous change on my body.
Every problem will have a solution so don't worry you will be alright.
All the best.


BMI unlocked
by: Dr.Vyas

First of all it will be much better to know your BMI value. As in if it is between 25 to 30, though you are considered overweight according to guidelines, you do need to also check a variety of other factors. Depending on standard table calculations, it is preferable that the BMI is within 25. However, in some people with a larger and stronger inner skeleton (genetically) the weight of bones may be more which shows as excess weight even when the person is lean. Same goes for muscular mass. So BMI is a very crude index.

It is preferable to know your fat levels using body fat monitors as by Omron or others which give you quite an accurate reading. If your fat levels are more then you need to reduce your weight by diet or aerobic/interval exercise to bring down the BMI as much as possible. However , if fat levels are within limits, just relax. it means you have a strong skeleton or an athletic body or perhaps both.

Please do no take BMI as Bible.

BMI and pregnancies
by: Kris

Ok, I was told that I was overwieght by a doctor who is obviously overweight. I workout everyday, including cardio and weights, and also I've had 6 children. I'm in a size 6-7 and am short.

But he says my BMI is high and therefore I'm overweight.

When I was much younger, I remember bein 120 and being told that I was 'almost' overweight. I was in a size 3!!!!!

Then after 3 children I was 130 and a size 3-5 and was told that I was overweight. I still worked out and ate healthy.
I just want to know why the BMI is even necessary when it doesn't factor the number of pregnancies which in some women changes their body shape, and why some calculators don't take age or body type into effect.

And if the doctors know this, then why is it being used?

This makes me so upset!

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