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Blood Type Diet Was Great but Got Boring

by Marie
(Atlanta, GA USA)

I tried the Blood Type Diet because it made perfect sense to me.

If you're not familiar with it, this doctor figured out this diet that was based on the science of human development.

According to him, we are genetically different from each other because we evolved in different ways. He determined that therefore some foods make more sense in our system than others.

The diet is based on the four blood types of people so it makes a lot of sense to me. When we eat outside of our blood type, we are doomed to gain weight and be fat.

When we eat the foods that fit our blood type, we can't help but maintain the right weight without a lot of starvation and problems.

The doctor also recommended exercise and activities that fit my blood type/genetic development too. Frankly, I was enthralled with this diet.

I found out by reading the book (it is a lot of reading) that I was a type A personality.

I followed the food and exercise recommendations for this diet for almost three months. It worked for me too!

I immediately started losing weight and I was never hungry. I liked the fact that there was an extensive online community.

Plus, the foods recommended for my blood type was actually based on foods I liked. Unfortunately, the biggest problems I got with this diet was the very restrictive aspect of it.

I had to eliminate tomatoes, pork, wheat and beef. You wouldn't believe how much of the American diet is based on these foods!

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Note from Dr. Dan

Some diets, like Dr. D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet can be very restrictive. You can lose weight, but you have to give up foods you used to eating. And that can be difficult to maintain over the long run.

Dr. Dan

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Great Results From The Blood Type Diet

by Amy
(Charlotte, NC)

I had tried every diet to lose weight, and just feel better in general. I was not too overweight, just trying to lose those last 10 pounds and nothing was working.

I read about the blood type diet, and it just made sense, as we are all different, and should require different types of fuel for our bodies. I was also intrigued by the notion we all require different exercise intensities, as I have always craved running and intense pilates over walking and yoga.

I immediately noticed the difference after molding my diet for my type O blood type. My energy levels rose dramatically and I stopped getting that lull feeling after meals.

The bonus was the weight loss. I got the 10 pounds off, and have kept it off, as the blood type diet isn't a fad, it is a lifestyle.

The blood type diet does restrict certain foods from your diet, but they are not missed, as the overall feeling of vitality is worth giving up any food. It is also a comfort, because it makes sense out of cravings and helps you redirect them.

I would recommend this lifestyle to everyone, as it is the only diet that recognizes our individual needs.

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