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Bicycle As Fast As I Could Go -- Released Stress I've Carried All My Life

One day at the age of 25, I did the bicycle as fast as I could while doing the windmill with my hands...

I let out the emotion I felt in me. It was as if I wanted to fly and release stress I've carried all my life.

After this workout, I almost collapsed and sat in a corner and prayed to live again. I felt my heart beating so fast. But it felt so good...

When I got home, I felt another boost of motivation to live life as if I was reborn. It struck my so emotionally that I immediately told by my parents, but they considered me stupid for taking a risk.

Ever since that, I gained so much cardio strength in future workouts. Although it made me very aware of my heart beat every time I exerted myself, I felt so much stronger and it never reached that level again as my heart adapted.

The only problems I face are muscle fatigue, limits of my breathing and of course ligament pains from exercises I'm not accustomed to.

I copied Manny Pacquiao (a Filipino boxer) and replicated his exercises...

I exercised in a gym at downtown Los Angeles on the first few days of the starting semester. But I went too far beyond my capacity.

I was in very inactive prior to this because I sat at home most of the time. I couldn't believe it at first -- I only lasted 10 minutes and I almost died.

Bruce Lee once said that pushing yourself to the edge is the BEST and most effective way to gain strength. SO GOOD LUCK!!!

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