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Why can't you lose weight?

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One of the reasons you may have trouble losing weight is that you don't know enough about nutrition and its relation to weight gain and weight loss.

Of course there are other possible reasons. But for the vast majority of people with weight trouble, false information or lack of information regarding nutrition is a major problem.

The evidence?

  • You wouldn't try and fail on a super-low-carb diet because you would realize in advance that it would be impossible to stick with it.
  • And you wouldn't be searching the internet for "fast weight loss" and "easy weight loss" because you would know that "fast weight loss" and "easy weight loss" are a trap. You would know they are just meant to fool you.
  • And you wouldn't buy into the latest fad diet because you would know fad diets just ruin your metabolism and leave you weak. And after a fad diet you gain your weight back too fast.
  • And if you knew what you need to know about nutrition you would have been able to figure out a good, satisfying diet, on your own, that keeps you satisfied but avoids excessive weight gain.

Weight loss that works

Now, you don't need the college textbook version of nutrition. You might never have realized that schoolbook nutrition is a tough subject.

It is right there along side organic chemistry and biochemistry and physics. It's enough to make your head swell up and explode.

But what you need is practical nutrition. Nutrition that answers the question: What do I need to do to lose weight?

Reality check

You need to know what really works. Not what works in a book but what works in real life.

There is really no place for wishing either. Like the old saying goes, "If wishes were fishes we'd have many to fry." But what you and I wish were true doesn't really matter if in the end it doesn't help you reach your goals.

It might be nice if fad diets worked, but they don't. It might be nice if weight loss pills worked, but they don't. It might be nice if…

See, lot's of things might be nice. But what good does that do you? It is time that you found a simple, practical approach, one that you can actually follow and accomplish, and then follow that diligently. That is what is going to help you lose weight. OK?

What's next

So, your next step should be to take a look what you eat. There are two sides to many things, the up and down, the jin and jang. Nutrition is no different. There are things that you can eat that will help you to your goal. And there are things that you can eat that will make it harder to ever take off those pounds.

The good: Follow this link to a page with information about the good foods and why they are good for you. It leads to a number of other articles with a lot of valuable information.

The bad: Follow this link to a page that covers the bad foods and why they cause you trouble. It also leads to a number of other articles.

Look through the information on these pages and see if you can spot where you might be able to make some improvements in your nutrition, your health and your fitness level. What have you got to lose?

By the way, for real results you should get your copy of my complete program for weight loss, Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan. It is a great investment.

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