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Bellydance Is My Secret Workout!

by Alida

I was beginning to get fed up with the amount of time I was dedicating to cardio exercise with it kind of only benefiting me health-wise. I figured that time could also be used to learn a skill of some sort.

I had always loved dance but felt that the instructional videos for the standard jazz, tap and ballet were not focused towards weight loss. That is when I stumbled across Bellydance.

Bellydance soon became my new focus. Not only do they have DVDs available now that incorporate Bellydance into aerobic workouts, but they are also accurate in their instruction as well as I have since taken many classes in Bellydance.

I began in my early 20s when I was taken to a restaurant that featured a local belly dancer. I discovered where she attended classes and began there as well.

The workouts were extremely challenging but surprisingly very low impact. This was a great help to my knees as they were sore from all of the previous cardio I had been doing.

At first, I wasn’t in that great of shape and I could barely make it through one DVD or class. Within a week however, I was much stronger and performing the combinations with ease, however still getting a real work out.

To this day, I swear by Bellydance as a form of cardio that is fun and makes you feel great about yourself.

It is difficult, but worth all of the effort and if you can lose weight at the same time as learn a new skill, that’s the kind of work out for me!


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Note from Dr. Dan


Now, that's the way to do it. You found something that you enjoy that's good for you.

And it's even easier on your knees than your previous activity. Good job.

Dr. Dan

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