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Belly Dance for College

by Jen
(Aztec, NM)

When I was in college about 4 years ago, I found out that I needed a gym credit in order to graduate. I looked at my options and saw that belly dance was offered.

I thought that it sounded fun and I was about ready for an easy credit. Little did I know, this class was not going to be easy at all.

This class took place twice a week and lasted an hour and a half each time. The instructor had been training in belly dance for years and was not blessed with the gift of patience. Each class we would learn several new moves and then incorporate them into a routine that we were learning.

Though I was only 30, I was in terrible shape and this class proved to be very challenging for me. I had taken different kinds of dance throughout my life and was surprised at just how hard it was.

Though I have learned how to do body isolation's, I had never learned the ones necessary to be really successful at this form of dance.

I think if we had an instructor who had a better idea of how to teach a beginner, I would have had more success at the actual learning of the dance. She moved way too fast and was way too focused on having a full routine put together at the end of the 13 weeks.

Regardless of whether or not I became proficient at this form of dances, it was a really good workout. The shimmying did amazing things for my abs and the snake arms really toned my arms.

I would recommend this form of exercise to most people but with the caveat that they find a strongly recommended instructor.

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