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Atkins Diet

by Dee Davis
(Rock Hill SC USA)

Me and my husband have done the Atkins diet and we have lost about forty pounds each.

We love the results however once we go back to adding carbs we gained the weight back not all of it but half of it.

I love the results but i do not think I can be limited to 50 grams of carbs for the rest of my life.

Since we know our bodies are carb sensitive is there a realistic way that we can find a balance in our diet with eating carbs and not putting back on the weight?

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Calories count as much as carbs
by: mark

Even the Atkins diet still works on calories. By reducing the amount of carbs you are reducing the amount of calories in your diet.

Most people think that they can eat all the no-carb food they want on this diet. But that is not true. You still must burn more calories than your body takes in.

Meat is very filling and heavy. So when you eat a lot of meat you feel full. Calories from meat vary but an average 200-300 per 4oz. So you could eat a pound of meat a day for 1200 calories.

Most people on 1200 calories are going to lose weight. But if you eat 2 pounds a day and boost your calories to 2400 a day you are not going to lose as much or as fast.

So the trick is when you starting eating carbs again, you make sure you know how many calories you are adding and when you start gaining weight you know you have too many calories.

So cut back on the carbs or the proteins to get to a calorie intake where you burn all the calories you eat.

Carbs are not evil
by: April

The Atkin's diet is great for those trying to lose a quick 10 pounds for a reunion or wedding.

When you are trying to change your lifestyle completely, such a drastic diet is not easy to maintain.

It isn't about dieting. It isn't about carbs. It is about balance.

If you make sure you are eating the recommended portion of carbs in the FDA suggested food pyramid, you will be fine. What happens is that most American's don't realize they are over-eating. So, portion control is a must.

You must eat breakfast as well. Something like oatmeal that is high in fiber to keep you full. A mid-morning snack of some cheese or some nuts, I know this is high in fat, but good fats. Stay away from sugar at all costs.

Lunch time should be lean protein, salad, veggies, fruit, same with dinner. If you have to have something sweet for an evening snack, try those 10 calorie portion jello tubs. They trick you into thinking you've had a really sweet treat.

There is no way any of us can limit ALL carbs. Carbs aren't that bad if you control your intake. If you have to have bread with dinner, switch to whole-grain toast. Whole wheat pasta has carbs but if you are craving pasta-go this route.

But remember PORTIONS. And anything that is white, like four, sugar, buttery biscuits should never be in your diet anyway. You can get carbs from certain veggies Atkins doesn't approve of. I say EAT 'EM. Just watch how MUCH.

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