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Atkins Diet Is Easy As Pie

(Baltimore, Md. USA)

Overweight husband

My husband was about 60 pounds overweight and he was feeling very uncomfortable. I searched around and found that the Atkins diet would be the most sensible diet to try.

Adjusting our diet

I went online and printed out the list of foods and their carbs and started to plan our meals. It was amazing how we could still have the same meals we always had. We just had to substitute out things like mashed potatoes and pasta.

Even when we ate out, we could still have hamburgers and just toss the bun.

There are no calorie charts so meals were easier to plan as we knew from the carb charts which foods we should and should not eat.

Dieting and feeling full

For lunches we had tuna, egg salad or chicken salad. He scoffed at first about sugar free jello for desert, but we found there is no difference in taste from the sugar filled jello. We enjoyed milkshakes from a powdered mix.

He was worried that he would not get filled up eating on a diet. Once he understood that it was not how much he ate, but what he ate, he settled in for the long haul.

Rapid weight loss

I did not have that much weight to lose, only about 10 pounds, so I modified what I ate after my weight loss. My husband lost 6 pounds a week and reached his goal weight after 10 weeks.

Being on the Atkins diet not only got us to the weight we wanted to be, but it also helped us make healthier food choices once we were done. It is a very easy diet to implement.

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