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Any Buffet, especially Chuck-a-Rama

by "I'll lose weight tomorrow" Dave
(Somewhere near Utah, USA)

Chuck-a-Rama ribs

Chuck-a-Rama ribs


It's so tempting. Go there as a group, and everybody gets what he or she wants.

It's so tempting. Big bowls of salads with all kinds of things to add to them . . . including vats of delicious salad dressing full of fat.

It's so tempting. Do I want the fish with tartar sauce? The boiled turkey with gravy? The fried chicken? What about all of them?

It's so tempting. The green beans, floating in butter. The fresh corn, floating in butter. The mashed potatoes and gravy. The baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, ranch dressing, or all of the above.

It's so tempting. The cakes. The pies. The brownies. The cookies. The frozen yogurt and ice cream with all the toppings.

The doctor says I MUST lose weight.

How about if I lose weight tomorrow?

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Packing it on at Chuck-a-Rama
by: Dr. Dan

Chuck-a-Rama is a chain of restaurants in Idaho and Utah, USA.

They are a buffet restaurant. That means you pay one price and you can go through the line and get whatever you want.

So since you paid for it you want your money's worth, right. So you tend to get seconds. And thirds...

At Chuck-a-Rama they say, "Sunday?s all about comfort foods the way mom used to make. Slow roasted turkey, roast beef and ham with all the sides you?d expect. Mom never put on a spread this big..."

So if you don't want to "spread this big" yourself you probably should avoid buffet restaurants, no matter how good the food is.

Dr. Dan

2 words Golden Corral
by: Caren Broadstock

My family recently sabotaged my diet by insisting we go to our local Golden Corral restaurant!

It all started on a typical Friday night, my husband asked the girls where they wanted to go to dinner.Both kids voted for Golden Corral and my husband sealed the deal with his vote.

At first I was reluctant to go any further than the salad bar. By my husbands second plate I decided to go for a nice steak. Needless to say they had no lean cuts of meat.

I convinced myself that this one night of indulgence would not make or break my diet. I had salad, steak, 3 kinds of potatoes, corn bread and of course the yummy rolls.

I was good all weekend and the next work week as well. I was mortified when I stepped on the scale that next Friday. Not only hadn't I lost any I had gained 1 Lb. All of this from a one night slip.

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