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After-Baby Fat

by Jasmine
(montreal, quebec)

I recently had a baby and now three months later I am still jiggly in the middle. I have tried walking for at least an hour every day, but I am just not getting any results, I really look great every where else, how do I focus on just one area? I only have been eating dinner, and having a small toast and egg for breakfast. I usually skip lunch because I have no time. How can I balance my diet and lose the after-baby fat?

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Calisthenics and Diet
by: Dana Sullivan

Walking isn't going to tone your 'jiggly bits.' If you want to 'target' an area then work on toning exercises. It's impossible to lose fat in a single area. If you aren't overweight though and want to firm/tone the area try exercises directed at that specific area. For example if it's your hips try this:

Lie on your left side on a mat.

Raise your torso, support your body with your left forearm.

Tighten your abdominal.


Bend both legs.

Another thing to remember is that a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grains is super important. Try keeping cut up veggies with you throughout the day so that by the time dinner rolls around you aren't ravenous and going to eat a whole bunch of calorie dense foods.

food suggestion
by: Anonymous

In the morning take a cup of tea. During lunch try to have 2 big spoons of rice, dal and vegetables. In dinner try to have 2 roti and vegetables. Try to have cucumber, as many as possible.

(Editor's note: Dal -- also known as chana dal or chholar dal -- is a type of bean with a very low glycemic index. --
Roti is a traditional bread in Pakistan and India. -- Dr. Dan)

Belly Fat Busters
by: Mama Of Four

Hi, I have had four children, all very close in age. They are 1,2,3, and 5. The best way to lose the pouch that remains after pregnancy is to take a combined approach, pairing exercise with intelligent meal choices.
Pilates is a relatively simple method of exercise you can do in your own home, while watching your child. It is quiet, and a good activity for baby's nap time. Walking, while great for overall health, does nothing for a pregnancy pouch. Another tool that can be very practical and gets results is the Ab Wheel. It is simply a wheel with a handle on either side. It is very, very inexpensive, and quiet. You kneel down, grasp the wheel, and roll forward as far as you can without falling. Then draw it back again and repeat. It is difficult at first, but rather fun!
As far as your eating habits, you might wish to reverse the plan. Eat a big breakfast. Any nutritional expert will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal because it gives you the energy you need to get through the day. This is especially true for you, as you do not eat lunch. Eat a very lite dinner. After dinner you are relaxing, or sleeping. Your body has no need to convert the food into energy, and will store it. The belly and thighs are first choice energy storage areas for women. Consider a more European diet. Fresh fruits, fish, certain cheeses, breads, and greens make wonderful, healthy meals.

jiggly bits
by: dinobub

Your jiggly bits around the middle may not go away. When you carry a baby to term, you do some severe stretching, and in some cases tearing, of the muscles of your abdomen. All the exercise in the world may not help if that is the case.
If the muscles are torn they can be repaired by surgery but that would be expensive and probably not an option if you are planning to have more children.
Now, if the problem is excess weight and not lack of muscle tone, there is help. Cardio exercise is best for burning fat and losing weight. Get your heart rate up through fast walking, stair climbing, dancing or whatever turns you on! Don't forget your diet - eat healthy foods, plenty of whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Stay away from white sugar, white flour, and fried foods.
Good luck and congrats on your new baby!

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