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After the easy pounds come off...

by Richard Frith

I recently just started a dieting and workout regimen. I reduced my calorie intake to about 1500 a day and ride my bicycle at least 5 miles on most days. The first 10 pounds or so came off rather quickly, but I am having a difficult time shedding additional weight. What tips are there for someone who has hit a brick wall trying to lose more weight?

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When weight loss slows down...
by: Dr. Dan


It always works that way with any diet. You will lose weight more quickly at first. Then it will seem like the weight loss just stops.

This happens for two reasons. First, some of the early weight loss is water weight.

Second, your body adjusts to whatever you are doing.

If you diet too much your metabolism drops and so you don't lose even when you eat fewer calories.

You can try to increase the intensity of the exercise. If you are riding on flat ground, then try riding on hills. Or do some sprints on your bike -- something to get your heart rate up and to get you breathing faster.

If you eat small bits of protein throughout the day that will cause a boost in metabolism. It doesn't need to be much -- just a couple of bites will do.

If you don't get enough sleep you'll be worn out and nothing will work right. Including weight loss.

Are you drinking calories? If you drink any soda at all you will probably never lose weight. That's just the way it is.

Dr. Dan

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