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After I quit smoking

by Joe
(Clearwater FL)

Me with the old trek when I started, not side view where you can see the belly sticking out. (belly is gone now)

Me with the old trek when I started, not side view where you can see the belly sticking out. (belly is gone now)

I quit smoking a little over 6 months ago, and my toughest month was the first month following.

That month I started biking on a daily basis. For someone who had not exercised in 10 years it was very tough.

At age 40 and 60 pounds overweight, my body was not ready for that sudden amount of exercise, that's for sure.

I started with 5 miles a day on and old trek bike with warped rims and rusted gears. I increased a mile a day, and every night, my legs were on fire.

I started in 85-90 degree Florida heat, and even riding at night was not much cooler. I believe I pushed myself extremely hard. Many times when finishing, I would be at total exhaustion.

I would have liked to have someone with some training knowledge when I started because I think I probably could have injured myself increasing so much so fast.

I now ride for 50 miles, 6 months later, without too much strain. I can breathe better, I feel better, and my overall outlook on life is different.

I bought a nicer bike, and that has helped tremendously, and with so much riding in my area, I feel like I am more in tune with the community where I live.

It was a great outlet for me when I wanted or craved smoking to ride harder, to get the poison out of my system.

I know many people have done more, or harder, but for me, that is where I am at now, and can only go further.

I still use that trek bike to ride the shorelines at low tide. I don't want to get sand and salt on the good bike.


When you're finally ready to lose weight...

Note from Dr. Dan


What a great story. You stopped smoking. You got in better shape. You can breathe better.

And you even changed your view of the world around you, as you are "more in tune with the community where I live." Now, what could be better than all of that?

Dr. Dan

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