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About carbohydrates and face fats

by Mira

I was wondering if it is really true that i should avoid eating a lot of rice because it is high in carbohydrates? Because My friends were always saying that it was better to eat a bowl of noodles rather than a plate of rice, furthermore, my mum always, and never fails to cook rice at home, so there is no way for me to avoid it. Is rice really that bad? I really want to slim down. And i want to know how do i lose my face fats? I'm looking chubbier by the day. i want to know about the food/drinks that i could maybe take more and the foods that i should take less to reduce face fats, and if there are any kind of exercises that would help you lose face fats fast, what are they?

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In Fact...
by: Alberto Z.

Most people tend to believe that in order to lose weight you have to stop eating. I really can't stress enough the fact that the truth is actually the complete opposite!

Getting a macro nutrient, in this case carbohydrates, out of your diet is a huge mistake. The body relies on carbohydrates for quick energy and giving it less than it needs will only make your metabolism stagnate and as a result you'll probably start to gain weight.

This might sound completely false, maybe because everyone is so hyped on low carb diets, but the thing is that when you stop eating carbs you will lose weight, just not in a healthy way. You'll be hungry all day and probably end up with the bounce effect and gain more fat after the diet.

Weight loss is not easy. You need to balance your intake of nutrients and add some exercise to start seeing some results. Boost your resting metabolism with some weight training and a balanced diet and in a month you'll see results as well as other people!

Stick to the rice! or you could ask your mom to use wild rice instead, that way you'll have carbohydrates and fiber in a meal.
You could also take the fat out of that by eating steamed rice, and throw some veggies on it!

So instead of only eating fried rice and watching for your weight, you could eat steamed rice with vegetables, add some chop suey, a fruit and some water.

Oh and as a bonus tip, stay away from soft drinks and cokes, basically anything with HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) on it.

If you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole I recommend you the book "The Truth About Six Pack Abs" by Mike Geary. Did wonders for me :D

Carbs Carbs Carbs
by: Joel

There's really not that much of a difference between the carbs in rice and the carbs in noodles. I have found that limiting carbs in general has been very good for my weight. I lost 20 pounds recently by staying under 40 carbs per day and exercising regularly. People often criticize the diet saying that when you eat low carb you are not getting all of the nutrients you need. As long as you are eating lean meat, lots of vegetables, taking vitamins, and eating lots of high-fiber and low-carb breads/wraps, you'll be just fine. If you have a sweet tooth there are a lot of low-carb dessert options in grocery stores now. One of my favorites is unsweetened chocolate almond milk. I just add a splenda and it tastes better than real milk to me. Limit carbs, take a walk each day, and drink lots of water. You'll be amazed.

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