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Able to Follow Sugar Busters for Life

by Zazmul Brice
(Saginaw MI, USA)

I went on the Sugar Busters Diet when the first book came out. Doing without sugar was very hard to do, but after the first 3 days it was an easy diet to follow.

During the first 3 days, though, I simply craved sugar. It was torture to walk past a doughnut or cookie.

Once my body got past the sugar addiction, I no longer craved it. I could easily say "no" to treats and when I do take a bite now, at special occasions like a birthday party, it is only a bite or two, and it tends to make me feel awful afterward so I don't want to do it often.

The diet requires you to simply eliminate sugar and foods that breakdown quickly into sugar in your body. I have switched permanently to brown rice and have been watching bread labels for years now. Bananas and pineapple are in my diet only once or twice a year now.

The diet makes me feel good. No more cycling on sugar high followed by extreme tiredness. I also find that I eat less volume than before.

Maybe all of that sugar causes your appetite to go wild or something? I don't know the science but I do know the feeling that I have.

I lost about 15 pounds and have been following the principles for approx 10 years now. This is a very easy diet to follow as it restricts only a few things and just teaches principles that you can use for life.

My experience with Sugar Busters has been a good one.


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Note from Dr. Dan


You mention that, "Maybe all of that sugar causes your appetite to go wild or something?" That is an excellent description of what happens.

Sugar causes sugar cravings. If you eat something sweet one day, you tend to want something sweet the same time the next day. So it feeds on itself, so to speak.

If you can break the spell -- by avoiding the refined sugars for a few days -- then you can see the cravings subside.

It doesn't mean you can never have sugar. It means that you don't need sugary snacks all the time.

Dr. Dan

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