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Abduction refers to movements where the body part is brought away from the midline of the body.

The word abduction comes from the Latin ab which means away, and ducere which means draw. So when you draw something away you abduct it.

For example, when you bring your legs apart that is abduction. When you have your arm at your side and you raise it that is abduction.

Abduction is the opposite of adduction, which means a movement where the body part is brought toward the midline of the body. So legs apart = abduction. Legs together = adduction.

Use in exercise

When you exercise a body part you want to keep in balance. You should exercise the back of the body when you exercise the front of the body.

And you should also make sure that when you do abduction exercise you also do the adduction exercise for the same body part. That will keep your body in better balance and help from overstressing your joints.

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