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A Variety Of Push Ups

by Mitchell Escamillo

My workout uses different forms of pushups. It is designed to workout the arms, chest, and back.

Each set will last 30 seconds. In that 30 seconds you will work out as intensely as you can, but keeping good form and breathing correctly.

The first set you will do standard push-ups. Remember to keep your back as straight as possible, breathing in as you come down and out as you push up.

After the 30 seconds are up, take a 10 seconds rest then start again.

The next set you will push up, then lift one arm so it is parallel with your body. Alternate arms.

The next set of push-ups are regular push ups but you must push yourself slightly off the ground.

The next set are diamond push ups (your fingertips and your thumbs must touch). At the top of each push up you will turn over and point one arm directly upward as if you're pointing at the ceiling.

The next push-ups you must push up then touch one hand to the other, alternating hands.

The last set are another set of regular push ups, but this set lasts for 45 seconds instead of 30.

Take a 1 - 5 minute break and complete another set if this set wasn't challenging for you.

The most important thing about this work out is to have close to perfect form and to breath correctly. Many people choose not to acknowledge the importance of form and breathing, and their workout is not as effective.

Once you get a habit for breathing correctly, you won't even have to think about it and your workout will be more effective and whole.


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Note from Dr. Dan


Thanks for some great ideas.

This workout will also work your abs. Holding the pushup position (called "planks") is very effective at working the abdominal muscles.

If regular pushups are too difficult you can try knee pushups at first and gradually work your way up.

There are other ways of making it easier too. If you can't do pushups on the floor you can put your hands on a bench, or even lean against a wall.

Dr. Dan

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