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4 Quarters Treadmill Run

by Kaleb McKensie
(Dallas, TX, USA)

Here's the toughest workout I ever did:

I got on the treadmill and turned it to 5.2 miles per hour. Then I ran non stop for 10 minutes. My legs started to burn slightly at this point.

I then turned the treadmill down to 2.4 and walked for 8 minutes.

Then I turned the elevation on the treadmill up to 2.0 and turned the speed back up to 5.2 miles per hour. I started to run again for 11 minutes this time.

This was much harder than the first set of running and the burning sensation in my legs was getting worse.

When I finished the 11 minutes I turned the treadmill down to 2.4 again and walked for another 8 minutes.

After the walking break was over I turned the treadmill up to 5.6 this time and turned the elevation back up to 2.0. This time I ran for 5 minutes on this elevation and 5 minutes on regular elevation.

For the last 2 minutes I ran with 2 dumbbells in my hands.

After this quarter I took one last walking break at 2.4 then turned the treadmill up to 6.0. The elevation is on 2.5 this time and with the added speed this was obviously the hardest part of the run.

This last quarter lasted for 11 minutes and the elevation stayed the same the entire way through the quarter.

For the last 3 minutes I used dumbbells and turned the speed up to 7.0. This made the final part even more difficult.

After the run was over I could barely walk. This was the most difficult workout I had ever done before.

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