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30 Minute Rope Skipping For Weight Loss

by Chandra Marth

Weight loss can be a very difficult thing but we all want to do it. However, if we put out enough effort then we can definitely reach our goal.

I decided to put out some effort and do rope skipping for reducing weight. I set a goal of 30 minutes.

I started with some warm up leg and hand stretching in order to prepare my body for the exercise to follow. I wanted to increase flexibility and to prevent injury.

I was very excited about my new experience in rope skipping.

I performed some of the types of stretching such as Ballistic stretching, Dynamic stretching and static stretching.

I put on my timer alarm for thirty minutes and I took my rope and began skipping. After a one way go skipping of 100 times, I stopped and recovered my breath.

I restarted jumping the rope again and could do it 130 times.

I was not feeling any pain in my body, however I did experience a slight foot pain. Hence I took a five minutes break and drink some water. When the foot pain disappeared I continued rope skipping for the remaining time.

Eventually I finished this exercise and was very exhausted. I took a shower, drank some orange juice and was resting.

I was now experiencing a light and better body. I had an extraodinary feeling and was happy.

I enjoy doing rope skipping and I decided to perform this exercise regularly. As a result I lost some extra weight within two weeks and that was very beneficial.

Hence I would advice you to do rope skipping as exercise since it is simple, inexpensive and provides great benefits.


Note from Dr. Dan

Skipping rope can be a great exercise. If you haven't skipped rope since you were a kid, you might not realize how difficult it is.

If you are just starting out take it easy at first. You can start with a sort of shuffling skip, where you actually just step over the rope with one foot and then the other. After a while you can work up to jumping with both feet together.

Skipping rope is a great all-over workout. It helps your shoulders and upper body as well as the legs.

Dr. Dan

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I can feel myself getting lighter from rope skipping
by: Thea

As a child I used to enjoy rope skipping. Out in the school yard there would often be several little groups doing their own skipping as the crowd for one rope was too large.

I did not know the benefits then but now as an adult I fully appreciate skipping then and now. I have not done any skipping for some time but I can remember skipping as a part of my exercise routine.

I could feel myself getting lighter, breathing easier and automatically skipping for longer periods without even realizing it.

I would recommend this simple method to anyone. It is great to feel your body becoming more manageable and more complaint as the aches and pains wear off.

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