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30 Minute Elliptical Work Outs

by Tina

My best workout is the elliptical machine. With the elliptical machine you move your legs on the foot-holds and your arms on the poles. So you exercise your whole body.

I find a half an hour four times a week is a great workout. It really gets your heart rate up for a consistent period of time, which is a key in losing weight. It also helps tone your body.

I started this summer and have been doing it four weeks so far. At first I was not in extremely good shape, so especially the first time or two it was really hard.

I still sweat a lot and feel my heart beating rapidly, but I am not so winded when I finish now. I am thinking about increasing my time just a little bit more.

While I work out, I listen to headphones to get myself pumped and keep my mind off if I feel tired. I won’t let myself look at the time because then I get obsessed about it and the time seems to pass even more slowly.

I don’t really like exercise. It’s hard to make myself go. Before and during, I feel moderately unhappy about having to exercise.

But I feel so good and accomplished once I finish. Both physically and mentally, I feel stronger. These good feelings keep me motivated.

Another big motivation is watching my body tone up and my weight drop. I have already lost about 6 pounds. That doesn’t sound like much, I know, but I feel proud of it because it has not been easy to do. It makes me want to keep going.

I combine the elliptical with some strength training and of course eating right. I’ve given up those bad foods that I love (potato chips, soda, pizza), and I drink a lot more water.

I eat much more fruits and vegetables than I used to. I also measure out my food portions so I have a good idea of how many calories I’ve eaten.

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Love for the elliptical
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love the elliptical. I kind of hate it, really, because it causes such pain, but I love it because of its ability to help me lose weight and get my cardio up and tone up my legs. It is the best all-around piece of machinery to have. You've got a great elliptical workout going here.

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