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30 days of Flat Belly Diet

by Susan

For the last one month I have been following the Flat belly Diet, the brain child of Liz Vaccariello Editor in Chief of Prevention Magazine and Cynthia Sass Prevention Nutritionist.

It was the books about this subject which made me to go to their website and research more.

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I am a housewife and mother and a little one may say on the heavy side. I have tried different diet plans but really failed with consistency.

It is sheer luck that I've been able to stick with this diet for the last 5 weeks now.

To start with this diet, I started with an anti- bloating mixture also called as Sassy water. Sassy water is a mixture of water, ginger, cucumber, lemon and spearmint leaves all combined together. I drank this Sassy water for almost 3 days and nothing else.

Yes it was hard, but to be frank I then understood why it is called an anti-bloating mixture. Take my advice and do this when you are not busy. I did suffer a minor headache during those days, but sheer patience paid off.

After those 3 days I started a diet that was mentioned in the book. It is a diet of 1600 calories a day divided into 4 parts. Each part was followed by a delicious black chocolate... which remains even today one of the best part of the diet.

According to the authors black chocolate contained MUFA or mono-unsaturated fatty acid which works on reducing my belly fats. Olive oil and avocados have this same MUFA, but due to my love for chocolate I preferred that.

During the same time I bought the book and thus found many ideas to cook healthy. The book did contain many recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner that helped me a lot.

Yes it was a little hard to eat just that much and no extra, but the chocolate that I ate was really filling.

Well I am frank that I hardly got any time for exercise but without exercise I still lost 11 pounds in 30 days which is not that bad.

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