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3 Hour Diet Was Awsome

by Annie Kiefer
(Fort Drum, New York)

Portion control

I did the 3 hour diet for 23 days. It was super easy to stay on because you could eat pretty much anything you wanted, just in much smaller portions.

The only thing that was hard was keeping the portions down. Sometimes when I was done eating I was not full.

Burning fat

You also have to eat tons of fruit and vegetables and very little if any fat. The program is supposed to train your body to burn fat more productively by eating every 3 hours.

This diet is fairly easily to go out somewhere and eat but still follow the diet. You just have to know what to order.

Long-term weight loss

I recommend this diet as long term diet plan. You keep your needs met, without over doing it.

This diet helped me feel energized but at the same time it made me pretty hungry.

Tiny snacks

The calories you are allowed to eat for snacks are a little ridiculously low.

At bedtime you are supposed to have a 50 calorie snack. This means half of the 100 calorie snack packs you can buy. I found myself picking them all out, counting , and dividing them to eat.

This diet would be better if there was a program that worked with you better that was cheaper. It is really hard dividing meals up all by yourself.

So if you are on a date, it would probably be a smart thing to pre-plan your meal.

Quick weight loss

I would do it again for a quick weight loss, but I don't think i could go for 23 days again.

All in all it was an OK diet, I lost a total of 7 pounds. Just takes a lot of work, planning and a very good mindset.

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