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2 Years With 20 Pound Weight Gain

by Lenore

Is it OK to have gained 20 pounds in the course of two years?

Note from Dr. Dan


Well, there are lot's of different ways of looking at that question. But let's just look at it from a health point of view.

If you were very underweight, then gaining 20 pounds is fine. You might now be at a correct weight for your body.

But if you were previously at a good weight, then 20 pounds is a lot to gain. Unless you have been doing a lot of weight training and really gaining muscle mass, then that 20 pounds is fat. And that fat puts a strain on your system.

Now, I suppose you could get by with an extra 20 pounds, although it isn't ideal and you won't feel your best.

But what if you keep that up for 3 or 4 years? That's 30 or 40 pounds, and that will make you obese.

And if it's longer than that? That's how people end up 100 pounds overweight. And if you are 100 pounds overweight you will likely end up with some very serious health problems. At the very least it will affect your joints and limit your activity levels. And at worst you'll be at risk for heart disease, diabetes and strokes. And you'll probably feel a bit miserable all the time as well.

Most people, even when their body weight stays the same, gain some fat and lose some muscle each year as they age. So your weight should actually be going down as you get older.

Yours truly,

Dr. Dan

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