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15 minutes is all you need

by Tommy

The hardest workout I have ever done was off of a web site. It only took 15 min.

It consisted of 12 burpees, then 100 yard dash, 10 pushups and 7 pull ups. Here how it goes:

I found a park with a big grass field and monkey bars on the playground. I went as far away from the playground as possible on the grass.

Did 12 burpees, not a second to rest, and then sprinted to the playground.

As soon as I got there did 10 hand clap pushups, followed by 7 pull ups. Jog back to the end of the grass field and repeated ten times.

The important part is that no rest is given between exercises. The jog back to the beginning or end of the grass field is the rest. No rest between sets.

This is physically and mentally challenging. I thought I was in shape because I lift big weights at the gym. Little did I know my own body is more resistance then I will ever need.

I went from 195 pounds of muscle and fat to 170 pounds of solid muscle doing exercises similar to this one five times a week. I never thought I would be this lean. I feel like a professional athlete.

This workout helped me out so much athletically. I went from running 5.1 forty yard dash to a 4.5. I know it sounds unbelievable. My vertical went from 23 inches to 35 inches. I feel like I can compete with anyone.

When you're finally ready to lose weight...

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