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Permanent Weight Loss

You answered:
"I have trouble losing weight. I lose and then gain it all back again."
"The most important thing to me is to keep the weight off once I lose it."

Here's what you should know:

Keeping the weight off -- permanent weight loss

overweight man measuring his waist
  • You have the right idea about losing weight. It's not really about taking it off. It's about keeping it off.
  • Anybody can go on a crash diet and lose a few pounds. Permanent weight loss is another matter. Trying to lose that way is a big mistake.
  • And if you don't keep it off you are probably worse off than if you never lost it at all. It's not healthy to have your weight go up and down and up and down dramatically. It's stressful for your system.
  • It can lead to all sorts of problems. Your metabolism slows down so it gets harder to lose weight next time. You can have vitamin and mineral deficiencies from radical diets.

The million dollar secret

Now, here's the secret to permanent weight loss: You can lose weight and keep if off if your weight loss program is also your weight maintenance program.

Do you follow that? What takes it off has to also keep it off. Otherwise it won't work. Keep up with me here -- this is important to you.

The World's Most Wonderful Diet!!

Let me give you an example. Let's say you find this really great diet, the "rhubarb and canned salmon diet" (There's no such diet -- I just made that up.)

And you say, "I never heard of such a wonderful diet!!!" See, you love rhubarb. "I love rhubarb," you say, "and I know that's the diet for me."

And the people at work, some of them went on the diet and one of them lost 40 pounds and was never hungry!!!

You've got two chances

All right, now here's the deal. I can tell you before you start that the odds that you are going to lose weight on that diet and keep the weight off are -- well, like my father used to say to me, "You've got two chances, slim and none."

Are you going to lose weight? Yes. Absolutely. Why? It's simple. One, you are all excited now, so you're motivated.

Two, you'll drop some pounds very fast at first, so that's encouraging.

And three, how much rhubarb can you eat? You can't force yourself to eat enough rhubarb to gain weight.

So, yes, you will lose weight fast on the rhubarb and canned salmon. But the real question is, will you keep the weight off for a year? Probably not. How about 5 years? Not a chance in a million.

What doesn't work

Most diets you come across won't get you anywhere. A starvation program? You can't starve yourself forever. And it can't be some odd diet where you eat strange or restricted foods and nothing else, because what do you do when it's over?

The transition will kill you. The transition is when the "diet" is over. And when it's over what do you do? You go back to foods that made you fat in the first place. Ugghh!!!

And what does work

So what does work? In my experience the only thing that works for permanent weight loss is having a program -- one plan that works -- to take the weight off and to keep it off. See, not a diet where you lose and then go back to what you were doing.

No, what works is a program that you start now. And use to lose weight. And then you just keep it up.

In my experience this one single point is 90% of the battle in losing weight. When you finally get it you can solve your other problems yourself.

You don't get suckered into more nonsense. You don't fall for the "instant weight loss" traps. You can finally be successful.

You find what works, that you can stick with, that has the foods you like to eat. And you do it. The weight comes off. Stays off. And you end up a winner.

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