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They studied...

Red yeast rice for treatment of high cholesterol.

Many people can't tolerate the usual medications -- the "statins" -- that are used for treatment of high cholesterol.

These authors tested the use of red yeast rice instead. Half the patients got red yeast rice and half got placebo.

They found...

So did the red yeast rice work?

Here's what they found: In the red yeast rice group the cholesterol dropped by 43 mg/dl (1.11 mmol/L) after 12 weeks. The placebo group improved too, but only by 11 mg/dl (0.39 mmol/L).

So they got a very significant improvement from the read yeast rice, and without side effects either.

The take home message...

If your cholesterol is high you are probably better off with red yeast rice than you would be by taking a medication.

The medications -- the statins -- have a lot of side effects. You might get your "numbers" down, but at what cost?

If there is something that works without side effects it is at least worth a try.

The reference...

Ann Intern Med. 2009 Jun 16;150(12):830-9, W147-9. Ann Intern Med. 2009 Jun 16;150(12):885-6. Red yeast rice for dyslipidemia in statin-intolerant patients: a randomized trial.

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