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They studied...

Gastric pacing in morbid obesity.

What is gastric pacing? It's a new device, manufactured by Medtronic, a large medical equipment manufacturer.

The procedure is relatively simple. A wire is attached to the wall of the stomach. It sends an electrical signal that is supposed to make the patient feel full and decrease the appetite.

They found...

They did the study on a small group -- only four patients.

One patient developed skin breakdown from the device and it had to be removed. They were not able to reach another patient for follow-up.

In the other two, one lost weight (49 kg) and the other one didn't lose any weight.

The researchers decided not to do any more of these procedures as they felt, "our experience didn't give satisfactory results."

The take home message...

This is another attempt at the "easy way" to lose weight.

It just reinforces what a lot of other studies show. There is really no easy way.

But there is a right way to lose weight. And it's not by having an operation.

The reference...

Ann Ital Chir. 2009 Jan-Feb;80(1):25-8. [Gastric pacing to treat morbid obesity: two years experience in four patients] Salvi PF, Brescia A, Cosenza UM, D'Urso R, Cardelli P, Badiali M

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